Fairways at Bailey Ranch


The Fairways at Bailey Ranch property owners pay an annual assessment to cover the costs of maintenance and repair of all common areas and the payment of taxes, insurance, utilities and other items as outlined in our covenants. The dues have remained $200 since 2009. The Fairways Board believes in creating a budget plan which includes both short term and long term expenditures; as such, no special assessments for capital improvements have been needed.

Invoices for the annual assessments for the upcoming year are mailed the middle of November and payment is due no later than December 31. If dues have not been paid by this time, interest will be added to the balance due. If payment is not received by January 31, the board will turn collections of dues over to our attorney; at this time, additional legal fees will accrue. If necessary, liens will be placed on properties in accordance with our covenants. Section 4.07 of the Covenants indicates "Any Assessment not paid within thirty day after the due date ... the Owner shall be liable for all costs and expenses incurred in collection, including attorney's fees. The Association may bring an action at law against the Owner ... or foreclose the lien against the property ..."
Pay Online Now
Fee applies (a little over 3%)
Payments should be sent to our Lockbox located with RCB Bank. The address is:

Fairways at Bailey Ranch POA

P.O. Box 3500, Dept #893

Claremore, OK 74018

Please make sure your form of payment includes the property address and the property owner's name. There is no fee to pay via check.

Alternatively, you can click the "Pay Online Now" button to use your credit card. Note that the fee to accept online payments is passed on to you, so if you want $200 credited to your account, the online payment form will actually charge you $206.28. This works well for people who don't have checks or stamps, don't want bank account numbers going through the mail, want to get credit card points, or just enjoy the convenience of paying online.

If property owners are experiencing a hardship and need to make payment arrangements, please contact the Board to request a payment plan.