Fairways at Bailey Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get on the Board or a Committee?

It is simple- just drop your name in the hat anytime during the year. Elections begin at the annual meeting in October. Pre-printed ballots are handed out at that time. Anyone wanting to be on the Board attending the meeting can be written in. Ballots are then mailed to the remainder of residents that did not attend the meeting and cast a ballot. The November board meeting is the second election meeting. The December board meeting is the third such meeting and a new Board is seated by December 31st for the upcoming year. Check the website calendar for schedule of board/election meetings. Committee volunteers are welcomed throughout the year.

Why does my yard light keep burning out?

Sometimes the eye that senses day/night fails and the light stays on all day. It is my understanding these sensors can be removed and replaced. Street Lamps of America might be able to give you some direction in this matter. Hint: LED and CFL bulbs have a longer lifespan.

Why does my cul-de-sac island not have any landscaping?

There are 47 islands in the Fairways. They are non-irrigated grassy areas. The association pays only for mowing of these islands as it would be cost prohibitive to maintain landscaping in all these non-irrigated areas. The islands you see with landscaping have been adopted by the residents in that area and are being maintained by the neighbors within the cul-de-sac.

What if I want to change the color of my house?

All colors must be approved through the Architectural Committee (pg 4 of the Architectural Guidelines). We have all seen those brightly colored houses that create an eyesore in a neighborhood. The goal of the Architectural Committee is to maintain color control to avoid having an eyesore sneak in to our neighborhood. In the event, you do not get approval and change the color you risk having to repaint your home to meet Architectural Guidelines and Covenant Restrictions. FYI- Vinyl and aluminum siding are strictly prohibited by the Architectural Guidelines (pg 6).

What if I received a letter stating my utility meters/equipment and A/C need to be covered?

AC compressors should not be visible from the street, neighboring lots, or golf course (Architectural Guidelines pg 6 & CC&R's 7.25). Utility meters and boxes located within the yards should be softened or minimized. Many residents have come up with clever ways to screen this equipment using planter boxes, raised plantings, and lattice panels. It is not necessary to dig around these boxes to meet the covenants.

What happens if my mailbox breaks?

Ken with Street Lamps of America advised that he is no longer manufacturing at the Sheridan or Mingo locations. He is currently in the process of merging with another company but is still doing mailbox repairs and replacements. Please call 918-346-2388, leave a message that you need new mailbox/repair mailbox, etc., and Ken will call you back.

If you need repair only, residents also recommend Dale Keen, Keen Metal Fab, 7530 North 145th East Avenue, Owasso, 918-274-1348 (office), 918-693-4516 (cell).

In the event a resident finds another or a better option please post your findings on Nextdoor.com and notify the Board.

​In what ways can I volunteer?

Contact the Board if you are interested in helping in one of the following ways (or if you have an idea of your own). You are strongly encouraged to attend one of our meetings before volunteering so you can see how things operate, ask questions, and meet the Board in person.

Available opportunities:

  • Write an article for the quarterly newsletter
  • Lead on Nextdoor: Monitor the posts and activity for the Fairways on Nextdoor.com, make posts on behalf of the Fairways, and welcome new members
  • Mail Distributor: Pick up mail from the P.O. Box several times per week and forward as necessary
  • Contact advertising agencies for the garage sale, twice each year
  • Outreach (Ambassador): Attend Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative (OSNI) meetings (45 per year) and report to the Board
  • Coordinate meetings/outreach with other companies or organizations, as needed
  • Summer Bash Chair: The Board would like to have a yearly "End of Summer Party" for the neighborhood. We need someone to chair this event.

Why did I get a covenant violation letter?

The Association has a representative from a homeowners' management company drive through the neighborhood approximately once each month noting any violations. The majority of infractions are trash can violations (page 9 of the Architectural Guidelines prohibits trash cans from being within sight from street except at time of pickup.)

The Board voted to outsource monitoring of the covenants to a POA management company. With over 500 homes in The Fairways, it became too big of a volunteer-based responsibility. Not only does our contracted company provide an unbiased assessment of the neighborhood with regards to covenants compliance but also removes the burden to do so from residents and neighbors. They report their findings to the Board on a monthly basis and are responsible for all correspondence to residents regarding covenants letters.

Violation letters are intended to be friendly reminders. It is not the goal of the Association to harass residents but rather to help residents stay within the Architectural Guidelines and Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions so that we can all enjoy and benefit from increased property values which result from consistency. It is the Board's hope that we are never forced to impose compliance fines. The Board grants compliance extensions for items such as trees and painting if a resident contacts the Board. We understand trees have a much better rate of survival when planted in the fall. We also understand that painting a home can be a costly project and therefore grant extensions for budgeting and painting schedules. In the event you have received a letter in error, please contact the Board.

What if my neighbor’s dogs bark incessantly?

You can call Animal Control (918-272-4965) at the City of Owasso. The Animal Control Officer has informed the Board, Animal Control will take action if an owner does not keep their dog from becoming a disturbance. Animal Control advised that a resident can call the non-emergency Police after hours but it is best to follow-up with animal control. Animal Control has more authority in this area and will cite the offending owner. In the event, animal control is called out they will also look at the conditions the dog is living in and the number of dogs at one residence. Owasso has a two dog limit. Article 7.11, of the Covenants, require owners to control their dogs and keep them from becoming a nuisance with the threat of removal by the Association. Again, this goes back to being a conscientious neighbor. Please keep your property clean and your dog quiet.

When and where are POA meetings held?

When and where are POA meetings held?

Our meetings are held at the Bailey Ranch Clubhouse, on the second Saturday of each month, at 9:30am. Please feel free to join us.

Make sure to visit our Events page for actual dates and times, in case of rescheduling. This page also has information about other types of events, such as block parties.

Why doesn’t the Association do anything about my neighbor who parks in the street?

Streets and sidewalks are dedicated to the City of Owasso for public use forever. The Association does not have control over these areas. However, the city has ordinances which prohibit vehicles parked in the street for extended time periods. The City of Owasso also has ordinances against boats and trailers being left in the street. Lastly, basketball goals in the street are against city ordinance. Please call the City of Owasso 918-376-1500 - Code Enforcement for street issues.

Who takes care of the street lights?

Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) is responsible for the tall street lights. If your light is not working contact them at 888-216-3523 or https://www.psoklahoma.com/outages/report/StreetlightProblem.aspx

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