Fairways at Bailey Ranch

8 Phases in 1 POA

Our POA consists of 8 phases, some having distinct types of homes and others having different build years.

Each POA has its own legal documents. Please click through the list to the one you live in or are interested in moving to.

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IIIe
Phase IV
Phase IVe
Phase V
Phase VI

The Fairways at Bailey Ranch contains eight phases and 515 lots. Many of the home sites back up to the beautiful Bailey Ranch Golf Course, some enjoy a view of our common areas, and some are part of our Garden Home section. Although the majority of our covenants are consistent throughout the entire neighborhood, each phase contains an individual set of covenants. The homes backing up to a section of the golf course have a number of restrictions. We urge each resident to become familiar with their phase's guidelines.

The Fairways at Bailey Ranch is a 159-acre community consisting of eight phases and 515 lots. The Deed of Dedication for Phase I was effective August 7, 1995, and contains 80 lots. Construction for Phase II began in 1997 and contains 84 home sites. Phase III and III-extended, having 43 and 104 lots respectively, make up our largest section. Together, Phase IV and IV-extended have 91 homes. Phase V has 71 smaller lots and showcases our garden home area. In June of 2000, the final Deed of Dedication was signed for Phase VI which added the final 42 lots to our community.

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​Miscellaneous Documents

Besides the covenants and plat maps for each phase, you can find additional documents below to browse. In your discussions with the Board, they may direct you to one of these for your review or to print out and submit.