Fairways at Bailey Ranch
An enjoyable community with homes throughout an 18-hole public golf course
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Potential New Resident

With 159 acres, ​8 phases, and 515 lots, we have plenty of space for you to come enjoy life in one of Oklahoma's highest-rated cities.

On average, homes sell for more than $260,000, but there's quite a range lower and higher to accommodate various needs.

​We're located between 86th and 96th Streets North on the east side of Mingo Road (97th E Ave), with homes throughout the Bailey Ranch Golf Course.

We are immediately close to parks, two schools, banking, gas stations, dining, and dozens of various stores, making our neighborhood one of the most conveniently-located in all of Owasso.
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Current Resident

Property owners are automatically members of the Property Owners' Association (POA).

The POA's volunteer Board and Committees work hard to educate POA members about community rules to maintain strong property values and a safe and pleasing environment.

The homeowner is responsible for their property, whether having friends over or as a landlord. Renters, please contact your landlord for any questions regarding the POA.

As a member, you agree to abide by the terms in the POA's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. Members must pay annual dues on time, get approval before making any exterior property improvements, and report violations.

The Fairways POA is one of the strongest in Owasso. Resident volunteers work hard to keep strong property values and a safe, pleasing environment. There are multiple opportunities to share your talents to benefit our community.

Both renters and owners are invited to join our online social network to discuss current issues, get details about upcoming events, watch out for lost and found items, and receive news directly from the City of Owasso.
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Title Company or Other Entity

We really appreciate all the work that goes into keeping our neighborhoods having clear title and current dues. Please click here to request a Dues Closing Statement, allowing up to a week for a response.

If you have other business with the POA, please use our Contact Form to get in touch, or browse around our website to get your questions answered.

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