Fairways at Bailey Ranch

About Us


We're located between Highway 169 and Highway 75 on 96th Street North in Owasso, Oklahoma.

​Our hundreds of residents enjoy close access to the center of Owasso and all its amenities, including parks, restaurants, banks, medical facilities, churches, schools, and hotels so your visitors can have their own space.

(Zoom the map to see what's nearby the outline of our neighborhood)

Real Estate

Homes in our POA, on average, sell for over $260,000, with some selling near $200,000 and some selling near $400,000.

Whenever selling, make sure you disclose to your buyer your property is part of a POA. Additionally, you should make sure your account is in good standing (fully paid) so there aren't any surprises at your closing. As part of the closing process, your title company will submit our Closing Letter Request form to confirm your account's standing.

If buying, know that you can Contact Us anytime with your questions and suggestions. We're glad you're coming!

POA Board

The POA Board is made up of 9 volunteers, elected at each year's Annual Meeting. These are the position titles:

  • President: Presides over monthly meetings
  • Vice President: Backup for meetings if President is unable to attend
  • Secretary: Prepare meeting agendas and take meeting minutes
  • Treasurer: Work with the POA's accountant regarding yearly assessments and miscellaneous invoices
  • Architectural Committee Chair: Review requests for improvements to neighborhood homes
  • Covenants Committee Chair: Review covenant violations as presented by third-party agency and make recommendations to the Board
  • Grounds Committee Chair: Work with third-party vendors to manage care of lawn, flower beds, electrical, and more
  • 2 additional Members

Bylaws & Covenants

Meetings and decisions are conducted according to the bylaws.

Each of the 8 phases have their own covenants.

We're all neighbors and want the best for our community. If you see something out of order, please Report a Violation.

If you want to alter your property's construction or appearance, the covenants require prior approval, which you can apply for online.